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Attention Deficit And Hyperactivity Disorder in New York, NY

A diagnosis of ADD can be frightening for any family. But there’s no need to let it stand in the way of a full, happy and productive life. ADD is a complex and challenging condition, affecting every patient differently. That’s why  Dr. Michael Fraser, takes a completely personalized approach to ADD treatment, using every tool at his disposal to help his New York, NY clients better manage their symptoms and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Dr. Fraser understands the ravaging effects that ADD can present to his patients, families, and people around them. Dr. Michael Fraser will help you learn to manage your ADD symptoms and provide you with the tools to experience a more productive life.

The Attention You Need and Care You Deserve

I treat my patients and their families with the respect and compassion they deserve. I work with patients diagnosed with ADD to develop strategies for overcoming their greatest challenges and for building strong, positive relationships. When you come to me for ADD treatment in New York, NY, you'll benefit from my:

  • Day and evening office hours
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Quick responses
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Over 20 years of experience

ADD doesn't have to define you. If you or a family member has been diagnosed with ADD, come to Dr. Michael Fraser to learn more about ADD treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment at Dr. Fraser's office in New York, NY.