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Corporate Psychological Testing in New York, NY

At the office of Dr. Michael Fraser in New York, NY, I know committing to a new hire is an investment in a company’s time and money. Many job candidates can appear great on paper and, in some cases, even interview very well. However, once they are brought on board, employers may find that their new hires do not produce at the expected level. At worst, they may be let go, which results in a net loss for the company. At best, the company is left with a mediocre, underperforming or otherwise problematic employee—certainly not a gain.

For companies who want an extra edge over their competitors, I conduct tailored evaluations to provide employers crucial information about the intellectual aptitude of potential job candidates, as well as important personality factors that can assist employers in making informed decisions about who to hire and where they may best help the company. My written reports, when combined with pre-existing recruitment exercises, can help employers achieve the best “fit” for the job, which can increase productivity, improve the overall work culture, and raise employee/employer satisfaction down the line.

If you would like to talk more about how you can bring the best and the brightest candidates to your agency, contact me online or call me today to schedule an appointment.